15 Traditional Italian Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

You might be surprised to learn that many of the flowers you like are originally from Italy. Italy honors the rose as its national flower. You’ve found the ideal site if you want to give your yard a romantic, Italian-inspired feel. Have fun looking through the following 15 pictures of classic Italian flowers.

Italian Flowers You Can Grow


Rosa is the genus that contains the rose and its more than 300 species and 10,000 varieties. Roses often take the form of bushes, but there are also numerous climbing and trailing varieties.

Various types of roses may trace their ancestry back to a wide variety of locations, including but not limited to Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Miniature, regular, and climber varieties, the latter of which may attain heights of up to seven meters, are all available.


One of the most popular types of perennial flower, Lilies return each year after being planted as bulbs. The rose is one of the most emblematic flowers in literature, art, and history.

They may be anywhere from 2 and 6 feet tall and come in a wide variety of colors but mostly lighter tones. If you want to be sure you’re buying true Lilies, make sure the label says “Lilium” instead of any other name for the flower.


Sunflowers, or Helianthus, come in a wide range of colors and shapes, and sizes and are native to North America, Central America, and South America.

The blooms were given their common name, “sunflower,” because of the way they mimic the Sun up in the sky. Sunflowers are grown both for their ornamental value and for the seeds they produce.


A member of the genus Chrysanthemum in the Asteraceae family of flowering plants, chrysanthemums are also known as chrysanths and mums. The majority of chrysanthemums can trace their ancestry back to Asia or Europe, but they have subsequently spread around the globe. You may find this lovely Italian flower in areas that get at least some direct sunlight.


Over 760 different genera and thousands of species make up the Orchidaceae family. Over a hundred thousand unique varieties have been bred from these different species. They make up one of the world’s most numerous floral families. Orchids may be found in a dizzying array of sizes, colors, and even petal shapes.


Beautiful peonies originate from Italy but can be grown in a wide range of climates and appear in a rainbow of hues, from red to pink and beyond.

In the family of flowering plants known as Paoniaceae, just one genus, Paonia, exists the peony. Although the precise number is unknown, there are probably over 40 different species.


There are over 400 Mimosa species, and they’re all found in the Fabaceae family of legumes. The flower’s name comes from the Greek root word for “mimic,” mimos.

Mimosa pudica and Mimosa tenuiflora, the latter of which is an ingredient in the legendary hallucinogenic beverage ayahuasca, are two of the flower’s most well-known species.


In the same vein as the tulip, the poppy is one of Italy’s lesser-known floral exports. Scientifically referred to as papaver, these flowers appear in a rainbow of hues, thrive in a lot of direct sunshine, and represent rebirth and perseverance.


Gardeners and flora enthusiasts from all over the world share a love of the buttercup flower, however, the name of this beautiful bloom can be difficult to pin down.

Buttercups are bigger and more brilliant than dandelions and similar-looking yellow blooms. Buttercups often appear in shades of orange and pink, although the color yellow is also quite frequent.


One of the most well-known flowers associated with romantic love is carnation. Actually, the carnation is the flower most of our elders remember seeing most often.

Dances, weddings, and other romantic or special events commonly saw them attached to shirts.

Sweet Pea

Pink, red, blue, purple, and lavender sweet peas are all possible. They thrive in moderate settings but require as much sunlight as possible. Sweet peas represent affection, admiration, and attraction, just like their name suggests.


Oleanders, which come in a wide range of hues from white and off-yellow to salmon and burgundy, are another flower associated with love and partnerships.

Daffodils and Jonquils

For centuries, daffodils and jonquils have been used as symbols of affection, friendship, and sexual desire. You may find them in mostly white and yellow varieties, and they thrive in partial shade to full sun.

Except for extremely hot and cold areas, they thrive in the majority of the world’s climates.


The springtime blossoming of many beautiful flowers in Tuscany only adds to the region’s natural attractiveness. The capital of Tuscany, Florence, is commonly referred to as “the City of Flowers.”


Some of the rarest Italian flowers are forget-me-nots, which are cultivated for their beautiful blue petals and golden cores. There are at least five or six small blossoms on each stalk.

These small, adorable blossoms, members of the borage family, will show their colors the year after being planted. Because of its ability to self-seed and persist for long periods of time, forget-me-not flowers, when cultivated from seed, may quickly become a nuisance.

Flowers like forget-me-nots thrive in sunny locations with well-drained soil. Forget-me-nots benefit from compost or all-purpose fertilizer when planted in the ground.

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